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tinder dry hills and the threat of lightning creating dangerous conditions in the area. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. parts of the bay area are prime for potential wild land fires. and tonight, firefighters are on alert in preparation for the increased fire danger. we have team coverage tonight, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the chances of
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lightning strikes. but we start with jade hernandez. >> reporter: the concern continues, but firefighters are waiting and ng. in the demand center it's business as usual for captain province. until midnight tonight when the red flag warning goes into effect. calfire has already pulled in five firefighters and staffed water tenders in each of their reserved engines. captain province is also monitoring maps tracking the storms and lightning. >> tonight we're going to preposition engines up on the ridge line in the san antonio valley. >> reporter: battalion chief norton says the last time conditions like these caused
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fires, caltrans is keeping a close eye in morgan hill until the warning ends on tuesday. >> it's just a huge area that hasn't burned in probably seven years and it's just really concerns out there. the fuels are very receptive for fires right now. >> reporter: calfire is careful since resources are tight. captain norton says he has already seen the conditions on the hill. they will staff a look out tomorrow morning if there is any lightning, a firefighter will sill on -- sit on the ridge line looking for smoke. >> as jade just mentioned that red flag warning begins at midnight. our team coverage continues now
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with ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo. >> reporter: fire danger this time of year also a concern especially this year and when you add lightning to the mix that's another big concern we're watching for. right now you see on storm tracker 2, i'm watching some activity to the south closer to bakersfield, this is the track approaching the bay area as we head into monday morning and into monday afternoon. there's an increase in the chance for thunderstorms. we do have this. the red flag warnings in red and the santa cruz mountains with that red flag fire warning beginning at midnight with the potential for lightning strikes. coming up in 35 minutes we'll take a look at the forecast model that will show thunderstorms. we will let you know when the fire dangerous expires. a wildfire in butte county has forced hundreds of people from their homes tonight.
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one woman who has liveded in this area calls it the worse nightmare of her life. the fire has already burned 2,000 acres. it's also destroyed five homes and four trailers. that fire just 45% contained. be sure to stay up to date on your forecast 24/7 by going to and clicking on the weather tab. there you will find the five day forecast as well as storm tracker 2 forecast. ktvu's deborah villalon is live in oakland with how this puts east bay commuters back in the strike zone again, deborah. >> reporter: ken, buses almost came to a halt earlier this month when 1,800 workers came within an hour of striking and now they voted a tentative
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contract down. b.a.r.t. with its big impact and strident voices has overshadowed the dispute, but now they're letting their ballots shout for them. their facebook page putting the vote at 256 yes to 576 no on a three year contract labor and management considered a compromise. >> pretty strong no vote. >> what does that say is. >> that says we want something better. >> you're willing to strike for it? >> i'm willing to do what the union does. >> it's a back up to b.a.r.t. and it is important. >> reporter: riders who thought it was all settled now wait to see if negotiations resume. the system has 180,000 daily passengers and was the lifeline during the b.a.r.t. strike helping get commuters between san francisco and the east bay when the trains stopped running.
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>> the atmosphere especially with b.a.r.t., maybe b.a.r.t. has tainted the atmosphere a little bit. i don't know if the public opinion is going to be on the worker's side. >> we've been in negotiations for over five months. >> reporter: the defeated contract is offering a 5% increase. the b.a.r.t. employee writes let's shut the whole thing down at the end of b.a.r.t.'s cooling off period. about half the ac transit employees who voted. ac transit drivers make $50,000 a year. the last strike 38 years ago. and management isn't talking about what's next it says until
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it gets official notice of this contract this week. reporting live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. and its unions have not been back to the bargaining table since the judge ordered a 60 day cooling off period one week ago. that prevents the strike through midnight on october 10th. a b.a.r.t. official says they are waiting for a mediator to set a new schedule so they can continue negotiations. the search continues tonight for the driver who plowed right into a petaluma home. we want to show you now some of the damage done to the house on cleveland lane. a driver lost control of his pickup then ran away. the truck crashed through the front wall and into the living room. an elderly woman who lives in the home was in a back room at the time and was not hurt. the man who lives next door says cars speed down his street all the time. >> we're in rural petaluma. 101 has a lot of work on it.
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they comefullying through here. you know it's terrible. >> neighbors tell us the woman who lives in the home is now staying with family. we're expecting to find out tomorrow what killed five women in a limo. the limo caught fire with 10 people inside. four women and the driver escaped but five other women including a new bride were killed. helmet mounted cameras now off limit for all san francisco firefighters. this order came from the fire chief after footage from the asiana rescue went live. >> reporter: they're used by firefighters all over the country, we found more than a few helmet camera videos on the internet. battalion chief mark johnson wore a helmet cam when he and
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other firefighters responded to the crash of asiana214 in july. during that response a fire truck ran over a 16-year-old passenger killing her. recently firefighters say chief joanne hayes whitish shoed a verbal order that no one is to wear helmet cameras on the job. according to a spokesperson for the fire chief, the ban on cameras is not new. she points to a 2009 ban from firefighters having any recording devices of any kind. >> the chiefs have to be careful about what their workers do because they don't want to have a suit of any kind. >> reporter: it's an issue of firefighter and victim privacy. today her spokesperson told ktvu the timing may not look good but the fact of the matter is this is the first helmet camera issue that's occurred since the 2009 policy was created that the chief is aware
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of. the president of san francisco's black firefighters association countered saying, people have been video taping for years in this department, they've been used as a training tool. >> and to call this a privacy issue, is really the height of hiprocracy. >> reporter: the fire department says it's an issue that could be revisited. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who is a person of interest in the killing of a federal investigator says he and the victim had planned to marry. randy alana told the paper that she and sandra koch shared a home and went to church together. alana is in santa rita jail for a parol violation. koch investigated death penalty cases with the federal defender
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in sacramento. she vanished and her body was found on august 9 near vacaville. koch's younger sister sharply disputed alana's claim writing to the tribune that he was the last person seen with my sister but says he has nothing to do with her killing and disappearance. why should we believe anything he has to say. a man falling 100 feet in a cliff in half-moon bay. coside fire officials say the 25-year-old man was walking down a trail near the ritz carlton hotel. he was flown to sanford medical center. officials are warning that even if coastal cliffs appear stable they can sometimes crumble quickly under pressure. italy's luna rosa challenge evened the score in today's louis vutton cup race. luna rosa beat team new zealand
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which had a problem be its boat hydraulics. we'll have more on today's race race coming up later in sports rise. a street race turns into a historic celebration as the mayor makes an announcement. and the incident that sparked the litigation and it's connection to the trayvon martin case. it could be uncle sam's biggest yard sale yet. the $20 million in equipment that could be yours.
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new at 10:00 tonight, san francisco's sunday streets festival was held in an unlikely place today the tenderloin. >> there was good reason for people to flock to one of the city's rougher neighborhoods to honor a san francisco icon. >> live memorial church celebrating 50 years of feeding the homeless and helping the homeless. and tonight's event marked the event. >> reporter: the mayor presented a gift to glide's founder and a gift of the city. >> reporter: for his work over the past century, pastor cecil williams received something he did not expect, a street named
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in his name. >> when i drive down here, i am going to stop at the street and say, at last, at last. >> reporter: the street naming had to keep secret because williams could have nixed it. >> he never wants anything for himself. he's always about giving. we just wanted it to be a celebration. >> reporter: providing everything from 3,000 meals a day to health care. >> i have lumps in my breast he said they have a clinic upstairs. she said we have mental health upstairs also. >> reporter: diane evans says after hurricane katrina glide was the only organization in the country that actually delivered on promises to help. >> they didn't pity, they just took you in like family. and i appreciate that. >> reporter: long time congregation members bought
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commemorative t-shirts, all proceeds to be used to help in the future. >> it's great to be alive still. >> reporter: 15 years and still time for plenty of firsts. the new street sign on ellis goes up tomorrow morning. in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the high profile city rights attorney plans to file a claim against the city of hayward in connection with an attack on blues singer lester chambers. chambers was singing when he dedicate add song to trayvon martin. video shows he was singing when a woman climbed on stage and knocked him to the ground. police identified the woman as 43-year-old deena allen andrews potter. she's been charged with felony assault and felony elder abuse.
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john burress intends to host a hearing tomorrow. now to a look at crisis in egypt. a few members of the brother brotherhood took to the streets today until meeting up with tanks. in washington, the tough decision now is whether the u.s. should cut off military aid to egypt. arizona senator john mccain voted to maintain aid but has since changed his mind after visiting cairo. >> to sit by and watch this happen, is a violation of everything that we stood for and when we threatened something as we did that we would cut off aid, that the administration did and then not do it then you lose your credibility and your influence. >> in the wake of violence last
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week, president obama suspended joint military assistance with cairo but has stopped short of cutting off the $1.5 million in aid. egyptian americans and their supporters rallied at the united nations plaza. >> will always be in our hearts. >> reporter: protesters raised our hands in the name of rama where hundreds died. the organizers said the rally was mostly about protecting human rights in the wake of the violence. >> this is very exciting. this is beyond political affiliations. this is more about respects human rights and respecting morals. watching what's happening we had to come here and voice our concerns. >> demonstrators today also demanded that the u.s. cut off aid to egypt. the partner of the reporter who revealed leaks about the nsa was grilled by authorities
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at london's heathrow airport. his partner david miranda was questioned for nearly nine hours today the maximum time under britain's anti terrorism law. online green wald called the detainment spottic and an an escalation on attacks on journalists. >> i certainly heard from a number of my colleagues that they feel different about the amendment now. if they had a second chance they might have voted yes on it. >> reporter: the previous bill by house member justin ahmad lost by a narrow margin. nancy pelosi drew criticism for helping to defeat it. bay area congresswoman jackie spier said new policies by the pentagon are not enough to prevent sexual assaults in the military. >> these proposals by secretary hagel are baby steps, they are good but they're not best
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practices and really repackaging what has been wronged in the system for all these years. the pentagon's proposals include more supports for victims but keeps the military in charge of prosecution. congresswoman spier is creating legislation. she says only 10% of reported assaults result in convictions. after 10 years of war in afghanistan the u.s. government is trying to come up with what to do with equipment. the military will have transported home 35,000 vehicles and 95,000 containers. that will cost about $6 billion. you can bid on some of the military items on a special government website. that website includes vehicles, aircraft parts, medical equipment, uniforms and electronics? now to our back to school coverage tonight. when students return to the classroom, some tomorrow they
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may see some new lessons. california teachers are training on the new common course state standards. it involves a focus on the knowledge and skills students need for college and the work force. the standards will two into effect in the 2015 school year. but some local school officials say teachers have already begun to incorporate some of the new lessons. the amount of money shoppers are expected to spend on back to school items is down. the national retail federation says the average shopper will spend about $635 this year. that's an 8% drop from last year. according to the international council on shopping centers, sales at chain stores have been lackluster slipping and picking back up from one week to the next. when a keus -- kiss is more than a kiss. the recent lip lock that caused controversy. a man wanted for vandalizing a riot. >> a fire raging in idaho is now bigger than the city of
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denver. and how firefighters take on this out of control fire. >> thunderstorms developing to our south. coming up we'll track the thunderstorms over the next few days and we'll highlight the warmest day, the hottest day of the workweek.
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the beaver creek fire in idaho continues to burn. additional crews have brought up containment to 9%. but thousands of people near sun valley have been evacuated or are standing by ready to go. >> i've seen a lot -- lot of disasters in my lifetime, like tornadoes in oklahoma where i come from. but nothing like a fire that threatens my home like this. >> the fire is now larger than the city of denver. one home burned last week. some firefighters have suffered from heat injuries on the line. in news of the world
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tonight a team of u.n. chemicals weapons arrived in syria to investigate whether chemical weapons have been used in the civil war there. the most notorious attack occurred in a town outside of alepo. both sides say a rocket filled with gas killed several. in russia's far east tens of thousands of people are out of their homes tonight evacuated after what is being called the worse flooding in more than a century. there are fears that 100,000 people will have to evacuate in the next couple of days. flooding is blamed for 11 deaths. a kiss is more than just a kiss when it sparks controversy. this is a photo of two russian runners sharing a kiss yesterday following their four by 400-meter relay. now there's a question as to whether the kiss was a protest of the country's anti gay laws
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or simply a congratulatory peck. neither runner has commented. a suspected vandal is under arrest in southern california and its his facebook likes that followed a popular surf counting in huntington beach last month. 18-year-old lewis enrique rodriguez wrote obscenities on the side of police cars that night. listen to this. he was identified after liking pictures of those damaged patrol cars that were posted on the police department's facebook page. police say they then received a series of tips that led to rodriguez arrest. asthma in rescission, the factor that may play a ro children outgrowing the disease. and dealing with violence and trauma. we take a look at the lasting impact rising violence has on bay area youth. and efforts to oust the
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california politician amongst sexual harassment allegations picking up steam. the new effort to recall san diego's mayor.
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>> new information now on the shooting in oakland that we first told you about last night. the mother of a 5-year-old boy was killed while her young son road in the car with her. around 10:00 p.m. last night a gunman on foot approached a vehicle. that's right near the eastmont police station. the woman's boyfriend was also in the car and was shot in the shoulder. the boy was not shot and is in the custody of child protective services. as we saw last night, children are not usually the intended target but oftentimes the innocent victims of gun violence. ktvu's christien kafton looked
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into the violence on oakland's young people. >> reporter: oakland police are looking for evidence in a string of oakland shootings. a young child injure bid shattered glass and a woman killed. tonight parents say they struggle on what to tell their children. >> you want to let them know because everybody is good. everybody has a good side. but when you see things like this you don't know where to start. >> reporter: paul simmons runs youth uprising aimed at changing if community by reaching out to the youth. >> it actually creates an environment in which those children are much more likely. 90% of them will be victims or perpetrators perpetrators of a violent crime. >> reporter: simmons says violence comes from a number of factors. shootings traumatize the community as a whole. >> everyone is affected by that not just the people who are
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there at the time of the shooting but everyone around them. their family, their friends, classmates, their neighbors, everyone. >> reporter: parents stress it's important to address the issue in a way children can understand. >> how do we talk about them in a way we feel safe but they understand that the world can be dangerous. >> reporter: because violence is a systemic problem, it involves a systemic solution, education. the chp is looking for help to find the drive. -- the driver. the accident happened last night. the vehicle involved is described as a late model full sized ford pickup with oversized tires. the truck was light in color, possibly with a red stripe town the hood and damage to the
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front light. in hayward was man was killed and two others injured in a suspected drunk drivers crash at around 4:15 this morning. he hit the back of an empty parked dump truck. a passenger in the piup truck 24-year-old orfil sanchez was killed. the passenger was taken to the hospital with injuries. the berkeley man who went on that naked rampage at a b.a.r.t. station returns to court tomorrow. 24-year-old perez zavala was caught on surveillance video. as you can see he performed acrobatic stunts for kicking one b.a.r.t. employee. earlier this month zavala pled not guilty and told the court he remembers very little of the incident. his attorney says he was clearly suffering a mental
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break down. zavalo may face deportation to his native columbia. a violent protest kicked off efforts to recall embattled mayor bob philfer. >> protesters rallied to circulation petitions. they need more than 100,000 signatures by september 26. attorney gloria alred told the crowd she has a dream for women to be treated with respect and dignity. >> major filner apparently you don't share that dream of sexual equality and in san diego you have turned that dream into a nightmare. >> reporter: mayor filner returns to work tomorrow after two weeks of behavioral therapy. he's refused to resign despite two dozen accusations. a man wrongly targeted during a man hunt for a former los angeles police officer has
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been paid $20,000 for damage to his pickup. police said they mistakingly thought david perdue was christopher dorner. the man accused of killing two people. a police cruiser rammed into perdue's truck and one officer fired shots at him. he wasn't hit but he's suffered injuries that has kept him from working. chris dorner later committed suicide. doctors say symptoms of asthma could return so they consider the symptoms a remission rather than a cure. a ferrari sold for $229 million. the reason for the steep price tag. nearly $228 million.
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that's crazy. mark tamayo is coming up next. we'll have the timing tomorrow's thunderstorms and when the threat moves out of the forecast. crazy buy.
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big bounce in temperatures for today. today easily the warmest day, the hottest day of the week. you can see those readings ranging from 67 at pacifica, lots of 80s across the bay. there's the real heat out toward fairfield, antioch and morgan hill 89 degrees. the developing weather stories like are these, lightning strikes detected in the sierra. right now a closer inspection
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right outside of the bakersfield area and this activity will be approaching the bay area as we do head into your monday. right now some higher clouds already pushing into the region and some low clouds and fog hugging parts of the immediate shoreline. look at this beautiful shot looking out toward the golden gate bridge. i will step out of the way and show you here the tower. this is over an hour and you will see very dense fog pushing right through the bay. with that a drop off in visibility as you would expect in this low cloud deck right near the coastline for tonight and into tomorrow morning. with the fog redeveloping. it has been clearing a little bit over the last few hours. overnights will be in the low 50s. and we do have some low 80s to report inland after that day of triple digit heat. san jose a low of 63 degrees. and san francisco checking in 56 for tomorrow morning.
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this area of high pressure warmed us up today. we will warm us up a little bit by tomorrow. this area of low pressure will usher in that moisture from the south. with that we do have to bring  the chance of a thunderstorms, a chance for right now for monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's not a widespread event but if we do have any thunderstorms of course fire danger really goes up. as a result that red flag warning begins at midnight. last minute to 3:00 a chance of thunderstorms and potential lightning strikes could ignite new fire. this is up in the north bay. the east bay valleys in the hills and the santa cruz mountains. as far as the forecast model showing you this. you're not going to see a will the of the showers at least in this forecast model. tomorrow afternoon lots of cloud cover. this will be the best chance of picking up a thunderstorms in the north bay. tuesday morning at 8:00 you will see some activity once again moving from the east to the west. this is tuesday morning at 8:00. lots of breaks in the overcast. by wednesday there's a slight chance of a shower. it is only a possibility for right now but of course the
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extremely dry brush out there, we'll have to keep an eye on the fire danger. forecast highs, 89 degrees. still 90s out toward fairfield and vacaville. livermore 96 degrees. we'll shave off a few degrees. san jose mid-80s and san francisco some clouds in the morning becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon hour. and back to school, the first bell at 8:00 in the morning upper 50s those temperatures on track to reach the mid- to upper 60s. we do bring in a chance of a thunderstorm. a possibility monday, tuesday, a slight chance on wednesday. with your weekend always in view coming up. looks like temperatures will stabilize the over all weather pattern. no thunderstorms threat beginning thursday. steve paulson will keep an eye on the radar. >> we should be okay. >> thanks, mark. a rare very rare ferrari
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has sold at auction for $27.5 million. this north american racing team spider is one of 10 ever built. the auction was handled this weekend by r & r auctions in san jose. the buyer has not been identified but all of the proceeds are going to charity. >> it's amazing there's any video of it at all driving. you would think it would just be parked. alex rodriguez is a hit in boston. >> plus we're going to hear from a's outfielder chris young who made a great catch. sports wrap with fred inglis is next.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. bartolo colon was put on the dl. but tommy malone's teammates had his back. josh donaldson sticks his bat out and a cashmere hit. and jet lawrie scoring. donaldson had three rbis today. cleveland tied it 3-3 until chris young steps up in the fifth. young sees some of his home runs taken away from him this week but not this time. it's 4-3a's. two batters later, callasco with another home run.
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it's 3-5 oakland. doolittle facing swishing. swishing gets a double. a's over all defense has been outstanding all weekend. cleveland's michael brently to young. young caught this ball as he was coming down from his jump. chris young did it today with his bat and glove. >> he hit the ball hard so he just wants to get it as back as possible. when you thought you got it as back as you could. >> it may not be one of the prettiest catches you have made but one of the toughest? >> one of the toughest for sure. >> obviously i would have liked to finish five and qualified for a w. but you know the biggest thing as a starting pitcher is to keep

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